Many species of birds are at home in the Chine, some friendly, some very shy, all enjoying the tranquillity of the open space and its sanctuary. These include the blackbird, robin, blue tit and grey wagtails – and under cover, rescue birds such as cockatiels, Meyers parrots, Senegal parrots, and Asian blue quails. You may also see a kestrel on or near the cliffs at the back of Fisherman’s Cottage.


bg_rightNav_natureIn the less shaded areas of the Chine there is more light, which encourages a variety of flowering plants, which in turn attracts many species of butterfly. The stream and ponds with their moist banks and bog plants are a good habitat for dragonflies and damselflies.

Some of the dark hidey holes of Shanklin Chine are home to Meta menardi, the cave spider, an unusual, shy and hardly-ever recorded spider which lives almost exclusively in complete darkness, and so is hardly ever seen and often thought of as very rare.


postcard_nature1Island-bred chipmunks are among the residents, fascinating to watch and you cannot help but stop and enjoy their amusing antics. Whilst the red squirrels occupy the tree top canopy, on the ground, foxes and badgers are regular visitors too.

If you’re lucky you may see a red squirrel. We believe we have three families of red squirrels and we are encouraging them to breed, as this environment is very attractive for these animals with its vast amounts of food and safe and secure cover.

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