Covid-19 Customer Information

We are looking forward to seeing you all when we open on 2nd July, however due to the Covid-19 Corona Virus situation your visit will be slightly different than you may have become used to in the past.

We have been and are continuing to follow, the COVID-19 Health & Safety guidelines and ask that all our Customers visiting the Chine help us by doing so too.

  • Where possible we have amended the layout of the Chine and implemented a one-way system, along with with ENTRY via the ESPLANADE only & EXIT via the TURNSTILE only.
  • There are various restrictions on entry numbers in some of our indoor spaces. Please follow the appropriate signage for each area.
  • We have the 2 Metre guidelines (or where this is not possible then 1 Metre) for social distancing in place for both staff and customers and ask that everyone visiting the Chine are sensible in following these guidelines too.
  • There are hand sanitising areas available which we encourage you to use, these are situated in various places around the Chine.
  • We ask that if you or any members of your party have ANY symptoms of the Corona Virus then you DO NOT visit us, this is for the HEALTH & SAFETY of both our Staff & other Customers.
  • We prefer payment by Contactless (Limit £45) or Card however, we would not refuse if you need to pay by Cash.
  • We ask that you please read the COVID-19 information signs & our general HEALTH & SAFETY information signs BEFORE entering the CHINE and do not hesitate to ask staff on the Paybox or around the Chine if you require any more information.
  • Due to the Covid-19 Corona Virus situation the Health & Safety procedures which we have to follow may change from day to day, so we ask that you bear with us & as well as coming to us with any concerns, please follow any extra guidelines that Chine Staff may issue you with during your visit.

We thank you in advance for your patience & understanding about any changes we have had to make during these unprecedented times.👍