200th Anniversary Exhibition

A brand-new exhibition in 2017 will tell the fascinating story of the Chine’s two-hundred-year history and features sections on the flora and fauna of this officially classified site of important nature conservation. This is accompanied by a limited edition new book written especially for the Bicentenary.

Shanklin Chine marks a truly special milestone this year’s as it celebrates its 200th Anniversary as a visitor attraction. The gates to this historic gorge first opened back in 1817, making it the longest established attraction on Isle of Wight, enticing many millions of visitors to wander through and marvel at its natural beauty over a double century of seasonal openings.

There are few locations on the Isle of Wight, let alone England, that can boast such a tranquil and picturesque location for visitors to enjoy. The stunning tree lined Chine cuts its way from Shanklin Old Village to the sandy beach and Esplanade far below and has always been a magnet for renowned artists, photographers and those seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of modern age. Shanklin Chine boasts many famous visitors who have stopped to paint, draw and write about the natural beauty it beholds. From author Jane Austen to romanticist landscape painter J.M.W Turner, all have been attracted by the timeless and magical beauty captured in this remarkable gorge, with its waterfall, shear chasm-like sides decked in lush vegetation and towering trees


Glass sculpture marks 200 years

Below is a newly commissioned glass sculpture entitled “Glass Gorge” designed and made by Brian Marriott. The piece shows the full glory of Shanklin Chine and was commissioned to commemorate the Bicentenary of Shanklin Chine. This stunning piece of work creates a real focal point in the exhibition room and is certainly worth a look.



There is a permanent display about PLUTO (Pipe Line Under The Ocean). The display shows the fascinating story of how the pipeline carried petrol to the Allied troops in Normandy. A cross-section of the actual pipe can be seen, together with a short film detailing the story of PLUTO. Special features include details of the U.S. Rangers who trained in the Chine and a new story board commemorating the end of World War II – Victory ’45.


40 Royal Marine Commando.

There is also an account of the use of the Chine as a training ground for 40 Royal Marine Commando.


Previous Exhibitions

The Heritage Centre has a reputation for mounting high-quality, picture-based displays. Previous exhibitions include:

1994 The Isle of Wight D-Day Exhibition
1995 to 1996 Victory 45
1997 to 1999 Poets and The Island
2000 to 2002 Century of Solent Sea and Sail
2003 The Island Then and Now: Dinosaurs to Today
2004 A special feature on D-Day
2005 A special feature on Victory ’45, 60th anniversary, together with a commemoration to Nelson and his Island links
2006 to 2008 Flora of the Island
2009 to 2011 Aviation of the Island
2012 to 2013 Historic Jubilee
2014 JMW Turner & William Daniell – both exhibitions closed through damage to the exhibition room from landslide
2015 Turner’s Isle of Wight Landscapes and the Discovery of Shanklin Chine William Daniell’s ‘Voyage Round Great Britain 1814-25’.
2016 Julia Margaret Cameron landscapes and the William Daniell’s ‘Voyage Round Great Britain 1814-25’.




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