Nature Trail

Nature Trail

The nature trail was designed as a walk through the Chine with numbered stopping places, or stations. Pick up a leaflet from the kiosk or gift shop; the notes and map within will lead you to features of particular interest.

As well as a host of flowering and non-flowering plants, the Chine has a variety of trees and shrubs including elm, sycamore, alder, elder and beech. Evergreen rhododendrons grow in profusion along the Chine’s steep sides.

During your visit you may also see birds and animals including grey wagtails, Island-bred chipmunks, rescue birds such as cockatiels, Meyers parrots, Senegal parrots, and Asian blue quails. You may also see a kestrel on or near the cliffs.

In certain areas of the Chine there is more light, which encourages a variety of flowering plants, which in turn attracts many species of butterfly. The stream and ponds with their moist banks and bog plants are a good habitat for dragonflies and damselflies.

You may even see a red squirrel; with the vast amounts of food and safe cover on offer the Chine is very attractive to these beautiful animals.

Enjoy Shanklin Chine in the day and then come back in the evening within 7 days with our incredible value return tickets. Ask at our Payboxes.

*Two Separate visits: One day & one evening entry only.