Dear Everyone

There are many changes happening at incredible speed that are affecting business and everyday life. We have been working very hard to keep up with the pace of the changes and, above all, protect everyone and their livelihoods and our business.

As you may be aware the Prime Minister has instructed all non-essential shops must close and go into effective lockdown to deal with the threat of the coronavirus pandemic,

So with a heavy heart Shanklin Chine and Fisherman’s Cottage Inn will be closed until further notice while we seek urgent clarification from the UK Government about how we can operate our business within the Government guidelines.  It is important we take the advice given to protect all those around us.

We want to play our part in helping the country overcome this crisis. We have been doing this by taking steps to protect everyone from the risk of the virus.

There is no I in this, we are a team. Please keep safe, keep strong and follow the Government guidelines.


Jo and Team

Visitors purchasing any of our tickets for Shanklin Chine, will automatically receive 7 days of free re-entry to Shanklin Chine! That’s totally unlimited returns within the 7 days following your first day’s visit! 

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Shanklin Chine
3 Chine Hill
Isle of Wight
PO37 6BW

Telephone: 01983 866432
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What is a Chine ?

What is a Chine is the question we are most frequently asked – Chine is a word used only in the Isle of Wight and Dorset and means a deep narrow ravine with water running down to the sea. You can also think of an animal’s backbone or Chine of a boat, a deep, narrow scooped out cup, as in the Saxon for Shanklin – Scenc-hlinc, cup in the rising ground.

The Chine spring rises in the Downs and can be spectacular in heavy rain, especially at night with the lights. There are many mineral springs (chalybeate) all over the Chine and Shanklin, discovered by Dr Fraser, Charles II’s physician. Shanklin briefly became a Spa in Victorian times and the treatment rooms are still there on the site of the Royal Spa Hotel. Over the centuries, the Chine was used mainly for smuggling, so prevalent in the 18th Century, that the Customs and Excise officers had to be stationed in the Old Village. It had already started to attract increasing interest for its beauty and became a favourite with artists, writers, poets which our Exhibition highlights.

My first quotation by the poet Keats is “The wondrous Chine is a very great lion, I wish I had as many guineas as there have been spyglasses in it”.

Shanklin Chine is a Site of Important Nature Conservation – an unfortunate acronym is SINC.

And now I think we had better start our journey…

Mrs Anne Springman MBE (Trustee)

The Island’s oldest tourist attraction is celebrating 201 years!

Carved by Mother Nature’s own hands over thousands of years, the stunning tree lined gorge that is Shanklin Chine cuts its mark from Shanklin Old Village to the sandy beach and Esplanade, far below.

Attracting many millions of visitors to wander through and marvel at its beauty over a near double century of seasonal openings, Shanklin Chine can truly say it’s lasted the test of visitor time. There are few places on the Isle of Wight, let alone England, that can boast such a tranquil and picturesque location.

Fisherman’s Cottage


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The Island’s original home made cream tea & delicious lunches
Enjoyed by Isle of Wight visitors for nearly 200 years…

3 Chine Hill Shanklin Isle of Wight PO37 6BW | Telephone: 01983 866432